Ticket Please!

We added new logic for passengers to show their train ticket, resolving a passenger’s anxiety to have their ticket checked. If a passenger doesn’t have a ticket, they are a stowaway and must be kicked off the train. We added the logic for stowaways, so when they don’t have a ticket, you can grab them and kick them off the train. This adds to the set of tasks the player must complete to provide a satisfactory ride for the passengers.


Passenger Anxiety and Tension

This week we added logic to randomize the passengers facial expressions and logic to calculate the anxiety/tension on the train. When the scene loads, the passengers will have a randomized personality that determines their face texture. As the tension in the train increases, their faces become less content and change to progressively more irritable expressions. Basically, everyone will get mad if you don’t clean up the vermin or remove stowaways.


We have vermin!

John worked on animating the ‘vermin’ and creating a gameplay script that randomly generates vermin. He also created a pick up/grab animation, so the player can grab the vermin and toss them out the train. He tied this into our refined game loop, resulting in a sense of urgency where the player needs to balance the needs of the passengers as the general tension of the train rises.


Scrolling Textures/Backgrounds

Nicole here. I finished three scrolling backgrounds. They were rather easy to put together using a small script that will move the texture along the X or Y axis. Using the PNGs I created, I put the separate layers on individual planes, attached the script to each plane, and voila! Every layer scrolls at a different speed, giving the appearance that the train is moving.  Now I just need to test the speed in the Gear VR headset.


Starting Animation

After brainstorming several NPC ideas, John came up with four general character designs and began creating the meshes. Two of the NPC meshes are done and one has been animated. It’s super exciting to see a character you’ve created walk, idle, sit down, side-step, etc. I can’t wait to see the other fun animations we are going to create!