The Team


Software developer, 3D artist, cat wrangler. Nicole has had a passion for games since she received a Super Nintendo at the tender age of eight.


Software developer, 3D artist, concept artist, writer, dreamer. John’s tastes in games developed from years of Zelda, Final Fantasy, CastleVania, Mega Man, Super Mario, Diablo, Star Craft, Everquest, Team Fortress, Dark Souls, and standalones like Faxanadu. He’s made dozens of prototypes while engineering Enterprise Software Applications. John worked his butt off so he could develop games with his wife full time in 2017, and he couldn’t be happier.

The Cats


Born on Valentine’s Day, Loxley is a true sweetheart. Loxley’s a lover, and the friendliest cat you may ever meet. We think he’s only hissed three times in his life.


Like her two-toned face, Carmella has two personalities – super chatty and scaredy cat. You’ll either find her hiding under the bed or curled on a lap.


Aspen’s the youngest of the bunch; a ragdoll who has a lot of love to give. He likes his tuna snacks and giving Loxley a hard time. He and Loxley play, then snuggle, then play again.